Is HuntScan Legal in Alaska?

Yes, HuntScan is Legal.
We carefully examined the state's regulations. In case you are interested, we highlighted some of the laws.

"Using a pit, fire, laser sight (excluding rangefinders), electronically-enhanced night vision, any forward looking infrared device, any device that has been airborne, controlled remotely, or communicates wirelessly, and used to spot or locate game with the use of a camera or video device, any camera or other sensory device that can send messages through wireless communication, artificial salt lick, explosive, expanding gas arrow, bomb, smoke, deer urine, elk urine, or chemicals (excluding scent lures), EXCEPT: -- Electronic calls may be used for all game animals except moose. -- Scent lures (without deer or elk urine) may be used for ungulates, and for bears ONLY under a black bear baiting permit. • Using moose, caribou, or reindeer urine as scent lures in "

Note: HuntScan does not utilise lasers, nightvision, or infrared devices nor does it have the capability to communicate wirelessly.

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