Is HuntScan Legal in Arizona?

Yes, HuntScan is Legal.
We carefully examined the state's regulations. In case you are interested, we highlighted some of the laws.

Fair Chase

Fair chase is the ethical, sportsmanlike and lawful pursuit and taking of free-range wildlife in a manner that does not give a hunter or an angler improper or unfair advantage over such wildlife. Fair chase has been embraced as the proper conduct of a sportsman/ sportswoman in the field and has been taught to new hunters for more than a century. It pays respect to the traditions of hunting and angling by emphasizing the development of an individual’s skills rather than reliance on practices or technologies that overwhelm the quarry’s ability to elude detection or take. In many situations, fair chase is not something that is enforceable by law. Rather it should be guided by each person’s ethical compass, which compels them to do the right thing when no one else is watching. The support of fair chase and respect for the traditions of hunting and angling are every sportsman’s responsibility. So remember, Hunt Hard, Hunt Fair

Note: HuntScan does not offer any technological advantages that your eyes can’t do. The way we like to look at it is, HuntScan acts an extra set of eyes to avoid glassing over game. HuntScan has been described as, “Bringing your nephew long to sit next to you and help you glass.”

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