Is HuntScan Legal in Colorado?

Yes, HuntScan is Legal.
We carefully examined the state's regulations. In case you are interested, we highlighted some of the laws.


11. Use computer-assisted remote technology (any device, equipment or software used to remotely control a weapon, including the Internet) to hunt or fish. Hunters and anglers must be physically present in the immediate vicinity while hunting and fishing.

12. Use unmanned or remote-control drones to look for, scout or detect wildlife.

13. Use live-action game cameras to locate, surveil, or aid or assist in locating or surveilling game wildlife in order to take/try to take game wildlife during the same or following day. "Live-action game camera" is any device capable of recording and transmitting photographic/video data wirelessly to a remote device (such as a computer or smart phone). This doesn't include game cameras that record photographic/video data and store such data for later use, as long as the device cannot transmit data wirelessly.


Note: HuntScan does not offer any technological advantages that your eyes can’t do. It does not have the capability to record and transmit the live feed to another viewing device. HuntScan requires the user to physically be present and run the device and optics.

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